While Learning is a continuous process iSkillBox brings it closer to you.

iSkillBox is an AI driven new – age portal that looks forward to accelerate professional learning and upskilling across industries with specialization into high end & niche IT Technologies, New Dimensional Technologies, Project specific / Customized training as well as some other training areas encompassing Soft Skills, Leadership, Wellness, Women Empowerment and the likes.We have in place hybrid training & learning models that are engaging & personalized.

Our Trainers ensure that you stay ahead in the learning curve.

Trainers / SMEs and professionals on boarded with iSkillBox are quite hands – on and experienced professionals from multiple industries and corporate sector across the world. With the motive to foster agile growth through the learning & implementational model, iSkillBox offers a wide range of services in learning, training & upskilling with an innovative, holistic & practical approach.

The ‘Power of Purpose’ brings us closer to our Vision, Mission & Values.

We envision to:

  • Bring about valuable, enriching & futuristic transformation in the learning and development needs of the aspirants through our innovative modules.
  • Inspire community engagement & a holistic learning environment through the application of the emerging technologies. A step towards empowering the future of professional

We aspire to:

  • Implement innovative methods to educate
  • Foster an enriching culture through collaborative learning
  • Evolve creative & reflective approach that can provide an environment of growth &

We value:

  • Leading through integrity, commitment, perseverance & collaboration
  • Embracing diversity of thoughts, opinions, ideas & approaches
  • Delivering our best in everything we do.


Transform your life with ‘next-gen’ skills


Learning & Development with iSkillBox is holistic & engaging. We intend  to give the best returns on your investment. One can gain practical insights from our Trainers who are  industry experts and have extensive hands-on-experience in their respective niche. Moreover, our Courses can be learned through both pre-recorded sessions as well as live sessions with multimedia contents & gamified assessment that can increase the efficiency of learning for effective implementation approach from AI driven tools.

Experience iSkillBox to accelerate your learning and skilling goals

What’s in store for Trainers/ Educators?


Associations that can last for a lifetime.

Passionate about training / teaching ? Are you looking for a global platform where you could share your wisdom and connect with professionals, students & knowledge seekers & enrich careers, all while gaining exposure to a wide audience base?

You are in the right place.

At iSkillBox we endeavour to create a network of world class trainers with respective industry niche, who could create high impact courseware that is likely to resonate with the professionals globally, cutting across domains and genres. So the modules you create and impart would be used to train students, professionals’ world over & you have the chance to gain attention for your work and become a part of an elite training fraternity.

What about the money!

We value your time and efforts & we are more than willing to delight you with fair & flexible compensation. With our revenue sharing model in place you have the opportunity to earn to your heart’s content!

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